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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

    Call the toll free local number


Do I have to be home when I have an appointment?

Shield Appliance requires someone to be on-premise that is old enough to stay home alone legally in Wyoming. We prefer 18 or older.

What happens if my appliance cannot be fixed?

This does happen from time to time and is asked often. Shield Appliance will always try and make it right. If we cannot fix it, there are a couple of options if you are on one of our Coverage Plans

    1.    We offer a voucher of $250.00 towards your purchase of a new appliance. 

    2.    You can get another repair company for a second opinion. If they fix the appliance successfully, we will cover the cost of the part only, up to $250.00. The Holder will cover labor and other expenses. 

When does my Coverage Plan start?

Once you sign up and pick your coverage, please allow us 3 business days from your first day of sign up. This allows us to enter you into the system, and prepare your plan accurately.

When do I have to pay more money for parts when I have the Protection Coverage?

When do I have to pay more money for parts when I have the Protection Coverage?
A: Once we have decided the issue 
and the cost of the part or parts to fix reaches $450.00, you will be responsible for any cost over this amount. 
Example: Stator Assembly for LG with harness- $512.00
Your cost out of pocket is $62.00
(If we cannot fix the part ordered, you will not be charged)

Do you fill freon?

Shield Appliance does not work within the sealed system of any fridge or Air Conditioner. Our technicians are licensed to do so; however, we are not offering this service. In the case of freon being the issue, 

Do you replace compressors?

Shield Appliance does not break any sealed system for repair. Suppose you are on our Coverage Plan and choose another company to perform this work on the Fridge or AC unit. In that case, we will give you the $250.00 voucher with provided proof of the repair.

Do you work on-call hours if my furnace is covered under the Plan?

Shield Appliance does not work after office hours. In the instance your furnace breaks and you cannot wait until our next day of regular business hours and decide to call another HVAC company, Shield Appliance will give you the value of the part ONLY that was necessary for repair, with proof of the repair. We will not cover the cost of labor.

Does Shield Appliance Work on Water Heaters?

Water Heaters are covered by our diamond repair plan.  This is for repairs only at this time.  This must be the storage tank models, and if looking to upgrade to tankless must be discussed.

What if I buy a new appliance? Will it be covered?

Shield Appliance will always recommend the extended warranty at purchase. Any appliance that is within a noted warranty will not be worked on by Shield Appliance, without consent from the manufacturer. We ask that any new product purchased intended to be covered, is updated via email or phone call to Shield Appliance.

Does your technician accept tips?

Shield Appliance technicians can accept gratuities and we believe if offered then it was well deserved. They at no time expect any kind of gratuity, and will not urge any gratuity at anytime.

What if there is a mixup with scheduling?

Unfortunately, this can happen from time to time. Whether it is you or us, these things happen. Suppose Shield Appliance cannot meet at the designated time. In that case, there will be a courtesy call and an attempt to reschedule at the earliest possible time convenient to you. Our techs can get busy, and some repairs can take longer than expected. We never like to miss an appointment but will do our best to make it right. Please be patient. Please look at our scheduling policy for more info..

I have multiple rentals; how do I cover them?

We now offer multiple property landlord repair plan coverage for those that own 5 properties or more. Please call or email Shield Appliance to set up or talk about these plans.

I have pets. Can they be out?

We ask that all dogs and possibly a chicken we met once be put away until the technician is familiar, as is the pet. The technician may want the pet to remain kenneled or in a room. We want to avoid dog bites and issues that can happen even if you believe your dog is harmless. Our technicians have been through educational training to understand and read dog behavior. However, the best solution to start is to have the dog put away comfortably.

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