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Original Equipment Manufacturer Approved 

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We know that there are plenty of do it yourselfers out there. We are 100% behind you.  We carry some parts here in Gillette but cannot possibly carry them all. We get calls every day about parts and now we have OUR parts experts available to YOU. Our team of professionals will guide you through the process of getting the exact part(s) that you need to accomplish your repair on your appliance.  All you need to start is a phone and your model number. From there, you will be guided strategically by our experts to get you to the correct Manufacturer Approved part to get the job done. 

Our parts team is available to you 6 days a week and your part will be delivered fast! In fact, in most cases quicker or just as quick as your favorite E-commerce store, which by the way will usually be selling compatible parts, but this does not make them correct or worth putting in your appliance. In many cases we are called out to re-diagnose an issue and end up finding the part they ordered simply does not work or is not identified by the appliance, so we have to replace the replacement. 

 There are numbers out there suggesting you have a 50-50 chance of getting the diagnosis correct, and a 48% chance of getting the part right, and or the part actually working because it is a knock off. Icemakers are one of these that are notorious for fooling the DIY community. That is EXPENSIVE to find out the pins are slightly different even though the plug fits.....sort of.

Take advantage of a professional and their guidance to get the job done the first time, with the exact part designed to fit your appliance at prices that are fantastic.

The best part is, if you DO order from My Parts Center, and you may have got it wrong, we will give you a 10% discount on a diagnostic call from our experts in the field! Fixing appliances can be frustrating and we will be happy to assist you further! Especially if you were willing to try yourself first. 

Give us a call today, and order what you need!



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